General FAQs

Where can I buy Blake & Taylor Paint?

Online via the Blake & Taylor website:

Through one of the Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint Stockists:

Where is Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint made?

Right here in Australia.

Are paint swatches and samples available?

Sample pot 120ml sizes are available to purchase.

Currently paint swatches are not available 

You can also download our colour charts for both the ‘Timeless Collection’ and ‘Special Edition Colours’ here.

Can I mix Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paints together?

Yes all our paints can be mixed together to extend the colour range.

How can I learn more about how to use B&T Chalk Furniture paint?

Visit our Guides & Charts page here; our blog here; or video page here.

How do I become a retailer?

Fill out our form HERE and we will get back to you.

Product Information

How safe are Blake & Taylor Paints?

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint is water-based, low VOC, non-toxic and vegan friendly.

Our paint is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal-derived products.

Please note that our wax contains beeswax.

Can I use B&T Paint on baby and children's furniture?

Yes Blake & Taylor Paint products can be used for children’s furniture and are child safe.

We recommend you allow your piece to cure for a full 14 days before using.

Can you use B&T Chalk Furniture Paint whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

B&T Paint products are non-toxic, however we recommend you consult your doctor before painting.

What area does the B&T Paint cover?

1 litre B&T Chalk Furniture  Paint covers an area of approximately 10-14m2 and 500ml an area approximately 6m2. This will depend on the piece you are painting, your paint technique and the colour you have chosen. Some colours cover better than others.

If you are painting a dark piece of furniture a lighter colour for example, you may choose to use Zinsser Smart Prime first to give you a white base and therefore cutting down on the number of coats needed.

You can see our full details on volume and coverage here.

Is B&T Paint flammable?

Blake & Taylor Paints are water-based paints and not flammable

Is B&T Paint tested on animals?

No, Blake & Taylor Paint is Vegan Friendly.

What is the shelf life of B&T Paint?

Once the tin has been opened the shelf life is approximately 12 months as long as it is stored correctly with the lid hammered down shut to prevent oxygen getting into the tin.

How long does B&T Paint take to dry?

This can vary depending on the weather. Usually the paint is touch dry in 30-40 minutes. Re-coat in 2- 4 hours.

How should I store B&T Paint?

Paint should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Always hammer the lid back on when it is not in use to prevent oxygen getting in to the paint tin.

Different Surface Applications With Blake & Taylor Paint

What surfaces can and can't be painted?

B&T Chalk Furniture Paint will adhere to most surfaces, including wood, matt plastic, walls, metal, brick, concrete, stone and tiles.

We do not recommend using B&T Paint for countertops where food is prepared.

Can B&T Paint be used on raw wood?

Yes however, painting wood that has been oiled or stained can draw the colour up through the surface and into the paint.  This can cause patches of staining. Some woods such as Oak or Mahogany also contain tannins, which will need to be sealed first with a stain blocker or primer. We recommend a water-based primer/stain block or shellac. If not treated prior to painting the tannin may leach through the paint producing a brown or orange stain.

This can also occur if you’re working with new, untreated pine, with visible knots in the wood. If this happens after using B&T Chalk Furniture Paint, you must apply a stain blocker to the whole area to avoid it becoming patchy and then reapply your paint.

Can B&T Paint be used on Melamine, Laminate or other non-porous surfaces?

Yes. I light ‘scuff’ sand is recommended to roughen up the surface and allow the paint to adhere better.  This will give the surface some added tooth.

Can B&T Paint be used on fabric?

Yes, simply dampen your fabric first with a fine spray to ensure even coverage. Dilute your paint slightly with water and paint your fabric using a paintbrush. You can leave the surface as it is, or seal it with wax to create a soft leathery finish. 

Please note – natural fabrics works best

Fabric can even be dyed with B&T chalk paint by diluting it in a tub of water and dip dyeing your fabric.

Can B&T Paint be used over rust or peeling paint?

You must treat rust before applying B&T Chalk Furniture Paint  with a suitable rust inhibitor or primer. Peeling paint must be sanded or stripped away before painting.

Can B&T Paint be used outdoors?

We recommend B&T Chalk Furniture Paint only to be used for pieces that are outside and undercover, for example on a covered deck. The paint must be sealed with B&T Clear Top Coat rather than B&T Wax. B&T Chalk Furniture Paint is likely to fade in direct sun as it is not weatherproofed and is not specifically designed for outdoor use.

You may choose to paint something that is exposed to the outdoor elements however you will find it will need a fresh coat of paint periodically compared to items kept undercover or indoors.

Can B&T Paint be used on cabinets?

Yes, you can paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, no problem. B&T Chalk Furniture Paint will adhere to most surfaces, however solid wood cabinets of Oak or Mahogany will need a stain blocker to prevent any tannin leaching through the paint and causing a brown or orange stain.

B&T Paint will work over lacquer, polyurethane and oil based paints. Melamine, Laminate or non-porous surfaces work best if given a light scuff sand to help the paint adhere better to the surface. Make sure  the paint fully dries between coats.

Always give the surface a good clean with either methylated spirit or sugar soap solution to remove any built up grease or oil from previous cooking. Then wipe down with a wet cloth and allow it to dry completely.

We recommend sealing B&T Chalk Furniture Paint with B&T Clear Top Coat to give your cabinets a long lasting finish that can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Allow your cabinetry to cure for a few days before using.

Can B&T Paint be used on countertops?

We do not recommend B&T Chalk Furniture Paint to be used on countertops where food is prepared

Can B&T Paint be used on walls?

Yes, B&T Paint can used alone for a matte finish or sealed with B&T Clear Top Coat or wax.

Can B&T Paint be used on floors?

Yes B&T Paint can be used on both wood and concrete floors.  Always test an area before painting to check for tannin leaching.  We always recommend sealing with Clear Top Coat to give the most durable finish for high traffic areas such as floors.

Can B&T Paint be used in a spray gun?

Yes, B&T Chalk Furniture Paint will need to be thinned out with water prior to using in a spray gun. Check the spray gun manufacturer for their recommendations.

Can B&T Paint be used on tiles?

Yes B&T Paint can be used on tiles, however it should be more for decorative purposes.  Our paint is not intended for tiled areas with frequent exposure to water, or where a build up of oil or grease may occur, thus requiring harsh cleaners.

Can B&T Paint be used as a chalkboard paint?

Yes B&T Paint can be used as a chalkboard.  Do not seal your Chalk Furniture Paint and then the surface will have a matt velvety finish which can be drawn on with chalk.

Clear Top Coat

What is Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat?

B&T Clear Top Coat is a clear, water-based acrylic varnish, painted over Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint to create a protective finish to your piece.   Our Top Coat gives a satin finish with low sheen. This Top Coat is minimal-yellowing and dries clear, compared to oil based varnishes.  It can be applied both over B&T Paint and raw timber.

How do I apply Clear Top Coat?

You can use either a brush, roller or applicator sponge.  Apply Clear Top Coat in thin layers to avoid any drips forming and drying on your surface.  Allow each coat to dry fully overnight before applying your next coat.  There is the option to sand between coats with a fine grade sandpaper to achieve a really smooth finish.  Pieces should be left to fully cure for 7-10 days.

Always wash brushes immediately with warm soapy water when not in use to remove any varnish before it has a chance to dry.

Can I use Blake & Taylor Clear Top Coat outside?

We recommend outside use only when furniture is undercover and protected from direct sun and weather. Clear Top Coat does not have built-in UV protection.

Blake & Taylor Wax

Where is B&T Wax made?

In Australia.

When should I use B&T wax?

Blake & Taylor natural and coloured waxes can be used to seal and protect Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint.  Natural wax will give a clear low sheen finish.  Soft Black wax is great to age a piece or to add definition to carved detail. White wax can be used to give a light white washed effect. The waxes can also be used on raw or stained timber.

How do I apply B&T wax?

Apply with a dry lint free cloth, with the Blake & Taylor 25mm round brush or our applicator sponge.  Remove excess wax with a cloth and then buff the surface to create a smooth finish.  Allow 7-10 days for the wax to cure.

Can I use B&T wax outside?

Blake & Taylor Wax is for indoor use only.

Can I use Clear Top Coat over B&T Wax?

No.  You must decide whether you want to you Clear Top Coat or Wax.  If you have applied wax and wish to use the Clear Top Coat instead, you can use Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint to paint directly over the wax.  Then use the Clear Top Coat as normal.

How long does B&T wax take to dry?

Drying time is 1-2 hours but this will depend on the weather conditions.  The wax will fully cure after 7-10 days

How can I clean a surface that has B&T wax applied to it?

Do not use any chemicals or furniture polish.  A damp cloth with a gentle soap is all that is needed.


What are Blake & Taylor brushes made of?

All B&T brushes are made with synthetic bristles with comfortable timber handles and holes for easy hanging to dry.

How do I care for my brushes?

All Blake & Taylor Paint is water-based so it can be easily washed up in water.  Wash your brushes before they have time to dry by soaking in water and a little dish liquid soap.  Always keep separate brushes for your paint and varnish.  Hang brushes out to dry using the hole in the handle to keep bristles neat and drain out water.