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500ml Starter Kit

500ml Starter Kit

By Blake & Taylor Paint - Established 2015

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The 500ml Blake & Taylor Paint Starter Kit has everything you need to begin your furniture painting.  This pack is perfect if you prefer the look and feel of Clear Top Coat as your finish to seal and protect.  If you like the control of using a brush rather than a roller then this kit is for you!  


Simply select the paint colour of your choice from the drop down menu.  You also have the option to write your preferred colour in the 'Order Special Instruction' box in your cart confirmation.

The 38mm Synthetic Bristle Chalk Painting Brush is meticulously designed with precision in mind. Its tapered bristles are expertly shaped to deliver a premium finish and professional-quality result, when working with Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint, ensuring a smooth and even application.

You'll also get our Sponge Applicator which makes applying Clear Top Coat a breeze, with a smooth streak finish.  For those tricky to reach areas, you'll also have a 25mm brush on hand.


1 x 500ml Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint, colour of your choice
1 x 500ml Clear Top Coat to protect and seal
1 x Chalk Painting Brush synthetic fibre
1 x 25mm synthetic brush
1 x Applicator Sponge FREE
2 x Timber paint stirrers FREE
1 x Paint tin opener FREE
All this plus FREE SHIPPING


Which Volume Do I Need?

Paint Surfaces & Application

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint can be used over timber, laminate, metal, laminex, varnish, fabric, water and oil based paint, clay, wicker and tiles without the need for priming or sanding. However, be aware that tannin rich timbers will firstly require a stain block to be applied to prevent leaching. We love Zinsser Smart Prime for stain blocking. See our FAQ page for more detail

Naturally, your item will need to be clean and free of all loose and flaking material, dirt and grease/oil. We recommend cleaning your surface with a sugar soap solution or a small amount of solvent/methylated spirits which will clean the surface of any dirt and grease. Surfaces should be sound and free of any mildew or rust. 

Stir well making sure there are no contents sitting on the bottom of the can. Apply 1, 2 or 3 coats of Chalk Furniture Paint (depending on your item and the look you want to achieve) with either a brush or roller. Touch dry within around 30 minutes. Re-coat in 1 to 2 hours depending on the weather. Finish by either waxing or applying Clear Top Coat. The paint will be fully cured after 7 days. 

Chalk Furniture Paint 500ml covers approximately 6m2, depending on your item. 

Clear Top Coat - Timber pieces will need to be clean and free of all loose and flaking material, dirt and grease/oil.  Painted surfaces must be completely dry before applying Top Coat.  We recommend keeping a brush seperate for use with your Top Coat. Apply Clear Top Coat with our Sponge Applicator, 5mm roller or synthetic bristle brush.

Stir thoroughly before use. Apply in thin coats. May be diluted a little to help with application up to 5% is acceptable. Do not overwork the product excessively.  Touch dry in 30 minutes, and re-coat in 3 hours. Normally 1 coat is sufficient, but items that get more use or high traffic areas may need 2 coats.

The paint will be fully cured after 7 days. 

Clear Top Coat 500ml covers approximately 6m2,

About Blake & Taylor Paint

Blake & Taylor’s Australian Made Chalk Furniture Paint is premium quality that has been tried and tested by professionals and DIY'ers to give long-lasting results. When Interior Designer and founder, Ellie developed the paint range, her goal was to create a ‘no prep, no fuss’, easy to use paint that adheres to almost any surface, perfect for furniture, cabinetry and home accessories.

We’re confident once you try Blake & Taylor’s Chalk Furniture Paint, you’ll never want to try anything else. B&T Chalk Paint is so easy to use. Very little prep needed, it's water-based and dries quickly. Give your piece a durable satin finish by sealing with either Clear Top Coat or Wax. Transform your home today with Ellie’s adored Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint.

Always remember to seal and protect your newly painted piece with Clear Top Coat or Wax

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How Much Paint Do I Need?

This is to act as a guide only, please see each product description for area coverage. The number of coats will depend on the colour chosen and the surface you are painting

  • infographic showing which pieces of furniture can be painted using  120ml of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

    120 ml Pot

    Great for picture frames, lamp bases, pots or a small stool

  • infographic showing which pieces of furniture can be painted using  500ml of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

    500 ml Tin

    Great for a small bookcase, desk, chest of drawers, duchess or set of bedsides

  • infographic showing which pieces of furniture can be painted using  1 litre of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint

    1 Litre Tin

    Great for wardrobes, display cabinet, bedroom suite, large sideboard or kitchen cabinets

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Easy As 1, 2, 3

Clean - Paint - Protect

Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint is little prep and no fuss, making it quick and easy to transform your furniture. Our eco friendly paint has a natural chalky texture, allowing it to adhere to many different surfaces with minimal prep. No need to strip old varnish or paint, it provides an excellent, beautiful and silky matt finish. It can be used on wood, metal, brick, concrete, wicker, fabric and more! Simply clean, paint and then protect with our Clear Top Coat or Australian Made Wax.

set of 3 synthetic Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint brushes

Got everything you need?

Need brushes, stirrers, tin openers or more? Make sure you are ready to go when your paint arrives.

Get painting essentials

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